Terms of Service

1. Introduction

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your use of “Finruh,” a product offered by Hydear Tech Private Ltd. Finruh provides access to various banking and non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) through its associated entities. By accepting a quote, whether verbally, via email, by making an initiation fee payment, or by signing a quote, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

2. Project Requirements

Clients are responsible for clearly defining their project requirements in the quotes, proposals, and estimates provided by us. Unclear or changing requirements may result in additional costs. It is essential to communicate any complexities related to specific tasks in advance, which must be included in the proposal for accurate costing.

3. Project Timelines

We will make reasonable efforts to complete your project or requested changes within the specified timeframe. However, delays resulting from client actions or unforeseen circumstances may result in additional costs and adjustments to the project timeline.

4. Payments and Agreements

All payments to third parties are handled by Finruh in accordance with the agreements between Finruh and these partners. Finruh products may be subject to change due to political, regional, economic, social, corporate, or unforeseen factors, but are binding according to the agreements in place.

5. Bug Reporting and Modifications

Reporting programming errors during or shortly after development is covered and does not incur additional charges. However, rework on completed tasks, design changes after approval, or modifications post Go-Live approval may result in additional charges.

6. Content Submission

Website/application content and related materials must be provided within the first two weeks of the project’s commencement. Delays beyond this period may result in additional charges if they extend beyond a reasonable timeframe.

7. Browser and Device Testing

We typically test websites/applications on PCs and popular browsers. If testing on other browsers or devices is required, please inform us in advance.

8. Server and Network Issues

Additional man-hours required for server or network-related issues, if your website/application is not hosted on a Finruh server, are not covered in our quotes and will be charged separately.

9. Project Stalling

Stalling the project for over two calendar months may incur extra administration costs and may increase previously approved estimates. Please inform us in writing in advance if you need to put the project on hold without incurring additional charges.

10. Intellectual Property and Code

Our software codes, excluding open source software, are copyrighted. They can be handed over at an additional cost once all invoices are settled, but may only be used for further development for the specified client or subsequent owners of that legal entity.

11. Domain and Hosting Charges

Domain registration/renewal charges and hosting charges are not included in the project proposal unless specified. We can provide hosting solutions separately if required.

12. Data Privacy

We do not share your current leads with anyone. Data is shared through APIs with selected financial institutions only for customers who have shown interest in financial products.

13. Access to Test Servers

We generally build and test websites/applications on our servers or hosted domains. Test servers and websites cannot be accessed by clients or third parties. Upon full payment of all invoices and dues, the website/application can be transferred to a nominated third-party server.

14. Intellectual Property and Communication

Upon full payment of outstanding invoices, Finruh grants the customer an unconditional license to reproduce, publish, use, and exploit graphics, text, and images used in the published website, excluding intellectual property related to the production of the website, such as digital strategies, programming codes, database structures, scripts, forms, or functionalities.

15. Communication

All communication and correspondence are primarily conducted via email. It is the client’s responsibility to keep us updated with their relevant email addresses.