Help People to Secure their Future With Life Insurance API Services

What is Life Insurance API Service?

A Life Insurance API Service is a web service that allows application developers to integrate life insurance functionalities into their platforms (websites or apps). These APIs act as intermediaries, providing programmatic access to features and data from life insurance companies.

How Does it Work?

  • APIs are integrated into the buyer’s website
  • User Authentication Process 
  • The user initiates the request with all the required info
  • API transmits the encrypted request to the relevant life insurance company’s system.
  • Insurance company retrieves the necessary data from its internal databases based on the patient identifiers
  • API receives the response and decrypts the data for the authorized life insurance provider’s software system

Benefits of Health Insurance API Service

Reduced Manual Work

Faster Processing

Reduced Chance of Errors

Real-time information

Improved Communication

Quick Access to Accurate Details

Cost Savings

Scalability & Flexibility

Why Choose Finruh for Life Insurance API Service

Unmatched Efficiency

Comprehensive Features

Strictest industry standards

Exceptional Customer Support

Real-time data exchange and reduced errors

Reduced administrative burden

Accurate insurance information

Faster turnaround times

Functionalities offered by Finruh’s Life Insurance API Services

Eligibility Verification
Benefits and Coverage Lookups
Claims Processing
Pre-authorization Requests
Member Management

Who Should Opt for Health Insurance API Services

Healthcare providers & Hospitals

Insurance companies

Benefits Administration Platforms

General Consumers


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The API integration service by FinRuh is very good if you are starting your Fintech Business. It increased my website’s traffic as there are more options on my website now. Very happy with their service.

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I have recently started a Fintech Business and was looking for a good website. Got to know about FinRuh through a friend. Their service is excellent. The website is very efficient, and the website delivery was on time.


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