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 It’s not easy, isn’t it? To make calls every minute and at the end get disappointed when the leads turned out to be good for nothing!
We do understand the struggle. Not just it wastes the time of the telecallers but also impacts the sales of the organization. But, is there any solution to that? Yes, surely it is.

FinRuh Offers you shortlisted and filtered Hot Leads, which will improve your chances of conversion along with saving you time and effort. 

High Quality Leads - to boost your Sales !!!

 No matter how hard you work, the back-to-back calls don’t always give you the outcome you were expecting. Every minute your employees or sales team spends calling leads that don’t actually work is time lost. 

Have you ever been on a sales call where you’re getting a list of contacts with no filter? It is just random person after random person. So hot leads are just contacts that are filtered down to what actually matters to your business. It is the most important process of prospecting out there, so it’s great to have this service from FinRuh here that will save you time, effort, and resources.


Flexible Pricing to suit your needs

Beginner Packs - Perfect for Startups & Small Businesses

Starter Pack

₹ 2499/-

per month

Upto 125 High Quality Leads
15% off
Basic Pack

₹ 5999/-

₹ 5099/-

per month

Upto 300 High Quality leads
21% off

₹ 13999/-

₹ 10999/-

per month

Upto 700 High Quality leads
27% off

₹ 29999/-

₹ 21999/-

per month

Upto 1500 High Quality leads

Entrepreneur Packs - Perfect for Medium & Large Business

32% off

₹ 59999/-

₹ 40999/-

per month

Upto 3000 High Quality Leads
38% off

₹ 119999/-

₹ 74999/-

per month

Upto 6000 High Quality leads
42% off

₹ 239999/-

₹ 139999/-

per month

Upto 12000 High Quality leads
50% off

₹ 599999/-

₹ 299999/-

per month

Upto 30000 High Quality leads

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Why Choose us ?

Better Conversion Rates

Randomly calling people without knowing if they even need your services will just waste your time. With FinRuh’s Hot Leads you will reach out to only those who are interested in your services, which increases your conversion rates.

High-Quality Business

With filtered and good-quality leads, surely your conversion rates will get better. Better Conversion Rates will lead you to a graph of a high-quality business in the market.

Save Time and Resources

In business time is money, so it's good not to waste it. With FinRuh’s Hot Leads you will convert your leads faster and save time along with Resources.

Revenue Boost

The more lead conversion the more revenue for your business. With FinRuh’s Hot Leads you will get to target only those who will actually be interested in your services.

Your Sales Multi-tasker !!

We’ve got all the features you need to make your sales calls more successful!

Your Sales Multi-tasker !!

We’ve got all the features you need to make your sales calls more successful!

How Hot Leads by FinRuh Can Elevate Your Leads Conversion Rates?

If you manage a business of your own, you understand just how important it is to generate new leads. You’ve worked hard on your marketing campaign, used social media, and even purchased ads to promote your product or service. More often than not though, many prospects are looking for a reason NOT to buy from you. That’s where the Hot Leads List comes in handy. If a prospect has been hand-selected by FinRuh’s team of experts, you’ll know that they are ready to buy right now, and this is what increases your conversion rates. With this list, it will cut down on so many hours spent trying to find those right leads.

Our Other Services !!

FinRuh is not limited to this only, apart from Calling App for Telecallers, there are various other robust services offered by us.

Customised API Solution

No longer do you have to waste time applying to multiple banks and NBFCs. With multiple APIs, FinRuh lets you apply directly to 20+ banks and NBFCs, in just a few minutes.

Hot Leads

Many companies struggle with buying leads that aren't good for much more than a name and a phone number. With FinRuh, you will get the hottest, selling, and highly convertible leads and save time.

Call Management APP

FinRuh Calling App has got a whole host of features, including Calling, Tracking, Customization, and automation of all your lead calls, on a single dashboard.

Customised HR Solution

FinRuh’s HR App is a simple & integrated solution to create, manage and control the hiring of employees, payroll administration, compensation management, human resource planning, and employee self-service.

Digital Marketing Service

What is the best way to reach out to customers? Is it through traditional marketing It is a common trend to go online and this is where we can help you. With FinRuh’s Digital Marketing Solution you will be able to reach a wider audience digitally.

Website Development

An attractive website is your first step towards establishing your brand’s identity online. With FinRuh, you can get a professional-looking and highly user-friendly website from industry professionals.

Ease of use

Easy and Simple process of logging in or setting things up.

Reliable and error free

Our professional backend team ensures there are no errors and you can trust the app completely.

24/7 Support

Any queries or confusion? No problem, our customer support team will be available for you 24*7

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Quality Leads , My Sales just got doubled in 3 months.
Aarti Sharma
I have recently started a Fintech Business and was looking for a good website. Got to know about FinRuh through a friend. Their service is excellent. The website is very efficient, and the website delivery was on time.
Harsh Chandra
My fintech business was having a negative impact because of all the unfiltered leads. I purchased the yearly Leads package from FinRuh, and the conversion rates have gotten way better. Will highly recommend their service.
Aakash Singh
The API integration service by FinRuh is very good if you are starting your Fintech Business. It increased my website’s traffic as there are more options on my website now. Very happy with their service.
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