Don’t Rush for the Deadlines File GST Returns Timelier Manner

What is GST Return Filing?

GST Return Filing is a process where a Taxpayer files a document with the Government. This document contains all the records of their business’s income, expenses, sales, purchases, and tax liability. This filing helps the Government to calculate the amount of Tax the company needs to pay.

Benefits of GST Return Filing

No need to pay Tax on Tax

Higher Threshold

Easy Tax management for Start-up

Better Organised System

Claim Input Tax Credit

Reduced Risks of Audit

Simplified Record Keeping

Enhanced eligibility for Credits and Loan

Who is Eligible to File GST Returns

  • Any Business registered under the GST Act
  • Regular Business with an annual revenue of more than Rs. 5 Crore

Why Choose FinRuh’s GST Return Filing APIs?

Efficiency and Automation

Accuracy and Compliance:

Catering to Businesses of all sizes

Easily integrate with your existing infrastructure

Security and Reliability

Robust encryption method implementation

Capability of Handling Large Data Volume

Built-in Data validation

What do you get with Finruh’s GST Return Filing Packages?

  • Dedicated GST Experts
  • Documents Reviews and Management 
  • GST Rate Determination
  • Minimized overall Tax Liability
  • Error Detection and Rectification
  • Timely Return Filings

GST Return Filing Service Packages


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