11 Best Low-to-No Investment Yet Profitable Business Ideas in India 2024

Many individuals desire to start their own enterprises and be their own bosses. However, when starting a firm, finances take first place above everything else. A small- to medium-sized entrepreneur prefers great profits with little to no investment, as indicated by the entrepreneur’s aspiration for a large enterprise with limited money. This causes a startup founder to combat multiple concepts for their business to exist and succeed.

Small startups in India are easy to start with little investment, making them appealing to new entrepreneurs. Such enterprises provide one of the most lucrative ways to earn money by presenting and monetizing the goods and services they provide to customers. 

A business start-up brings huge responsibilities and may be daunting for many people. Still, being free of the stressful 9–5 office schedule to make all of your own decisions represents one of the most satisfying mental states in every aspect of life. 

However, because of a shortfall in cash, not every person can make their aspiration of owning a business come true.
Below are a few practical suggestions that we believe will generate a large income with little investment.

Below is a list of low-investment business opportunities that produce high earnings. You may now launch a profitable startup to turn your interests into a career. Let’s have a glance at a number of low-investment business possibilities in India.

  • Courier Service Business

In India’s fastest-growing marketplaces, launching a courier operation is a further low-cost, high-profit opportunity for entrepreneurs. The latest shifts in the e-commerce sector have undoubtedly assisted the courier service provider in expanding at a whopping pace. 

Instead of beginning an operation from scratch, which can be expensive, consider purchasing a franchise from a well-known courier firm. Many reputable courier firms offer their franchises at a low cost. In addition, you will have access to their technological systems and learning and growth opportunities.

  • Online Bakery

The web-based food business belongs to one of the nation’s top-selling and most profitable startups. Bakeries are also fairly common. If you enjoy baking, you could try opening your own bakery and making money by offering fresh, homemade baked goods. 

The most appealing aspect of this low-investment startup idea is that you can begin it in your home kitchen. All you’ll require is an oven and materials! 

Cakes are an essential highlight of every celebration. However, you may also consider selling other baked goods, such as various types of bread, breakfast muffins, cookie dough, pizza, and so on. 

It is not only an excellent business idea; it is also profitable! To expand your bakery’s consumer base, simply register with several different online food delivery companies.

  • Vlogging

Vlogging (video blogging) can be an excellent and profitable option. It’s a fantastic startup concept for talented performers looking to showcase their artistic abilities and earn greater popularity online. Several vlog sites pay you according to the total number of viewers your video receives, whereas other sites rely on Google AdSense revenue from ads. 

Video bloggers invest in a laptop or desktop computer and an online platform to host their work. No significant investments in cameras or editing tools are required to create vlogs, but a mobile phone capture and editing tool can be beneficial.

  • Start a Business With FinTech Apps or Websites

Financial technology (often called fintech) refers to cutting-edge technology that improves and streamlines the process of delivering and utilising financial services for customers. Fintech aims to improve financial management for businesses, individuals, and their lifestyles. It consists of specialized algorithms as well as software that runs on computer systems and mobile devices.

Fintech businesses have recently experienced a surge in popularity. Because of their implementation of technology to increase lending efficiency, today these are the first preference in financial matters.

Fintech loan providers leverage technologies such as AI and blockchain to simplify the process for consumers and lenders. They provide lenders with quick access to whatever information they require to authorize loans and allow borrowers to receive funds faster than visiting a physical financial institution. 

Fintech financing options also give customers techniques for tracking their financial standing, comparing rates to find the best deal, and making timely repayments to create a good credit score. 

To get a loan from conventional financial service organizations have to undergo a strict and time-consuming process. Additionally, there can also be bias caused by humans in the review. However, FinTech businesses offer data-driven choices about extending credit lines to young businesses and young business owners. Because they depend on technological innovation, they employ more effective assessment processes.

Therefore, you can opt for a FinTech Business. For your FinTech Business you can rely on FinRuh.

How Can FinRuh Help You to Start and Develop Your Fintech Business?

  1. Having a solid online identity is as important as having an amazing business idea. In this digital age, not having an outstanding website may lose you a significant number of consumers. As a result, FinRuh smooths your path from start to finish exactly how you want it.
  2. With over 30 built-in financial APIs and a team of industry-seasoned developers, FinRuh guarantees to provide you with a website that will be the focus of your business.
  3. FinRuh’s websites feature interesting UI/UX designs, cybersecurity solutions, modern frameworks, and so on. 
  4. FinRuh offers Easy-to-Use Interface. Confusing any user frequently results in a change of mind. With an easy-to-use layout and navigation, you can encourage users to remain longer and gain a more thorough comprehension of the product.
  5. With FinRuh’s customizable packages, you’ll always have an alternative that fits your budget. You may start your fintech firm for just Rs. 14,999.
  6. Are you thinking about customers? FinRuh Offers you shortlisted and filtered Hot Leads.
  7. The hot leads of FinRuh will improve your chances of conversion and save you time and effort.
  8. FinRuh presents its desktop application solution, a hassle-free route to online loans as well as credit cards for customers! 
  9. FinRuh offers platforms where there are zero documentation headaches, simply an effortless, easy-to-use experience.
  • Online Tutoring

The spike in e-learning throughout the pandemic has resulted in an immense rise in students choosing classes online. Providing online lessons in spoken English, essay writing, sketching, or any other discipline might be a profitable business opportunity for producing passive income. 

The appealing aspect of such businesses is their modest startup costs. For example, delivering online tuition requires only the purchase of a good computer and a solid Wi-Fi connection, making it a low-cost business to begin.

  • Customized Print-on-T-shirts

Printing on customer demand is another outstanding approach to becoming a profitable business in 2024. T-shirts, caps, cell phone covers, sweatshirts, shorts, tote bags, and other things serve as empty canvasses for your creative ideas. 

Maybe your profession is not design, but freelance websites can help you find low-cost startup concepts in India. Since several printing-on-demand suppliers charge per final product, the average price per piece will be higher than if you purchase in bulk. The advantage is that if a certain print on a t-shirt fails to attract attention, you still haven’t paid for it.

You can collaborate with an abundance of printing on-demand platforms, several of which are compatible with the Shopify platform for seamless fulfillment of orders. Yet, always get a sample of your goods (often at a discount) to guarantee that your personalized items look great.

  • Driving School/Classes

If you’re seeking low-cost startup concepts in India, opening a driving school could be the best option. If you can afford a used car, you may offer driving instruction to people who want to learn to drive or have little driving experience. Additionally, you can work as an individual’s personal driving instructor, which would allow you to earn a fair income.

With that same vehicle, a person may teach 10–15 individuals per month and make a healthy income with a minimal investment. Getting a loan for your small business while buying a car can seem tough. A percentage of the driving institution’s revenue might be used to repay car loans that you took out for buying the car.

The financial gains may be utilized to increase the number of vehicles and bring in extra driving trainers.  A loan for a small business may also be utilized for buying a new vehicle. After that is done, you will have the ability to offer rides through a ride-sharing application, make earnings to cover the cost of your loans, and invest to support company growth.

  • Career Counseling

Persons with superior academic qualifications or who are professionals in education can start a virtual career consulting firm. Career advice helps young learners choose the right career route and serves as a mentor to help develop their employment paths.

Starting this unique, low-cost business concept does not require any initial investment of money. Furthermore, providing online career instruction lets you quote charges according to the class level, making this a flexible and possibly profitable business possibility.

  • PG Accommodation

Another simple yet effective way to create revenue is to provide guest lodging. If your home has additional rooms, look into renting out a room to students at a college or professional employees. 

Developing a warm and welcoming workplace does not require a significant investment. Additionally, you might eliminate requirements for substantial promotion. Interacting with guests is simple, and the key to business growth is providing outstanding customer service.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a profitable business in which people advertise products from popular companies on their web pages. Even those who do not have a blog or website may participate in affiliate marketing by joining programs like the one offered by Amazon.

Under this arrangement, an affiliate marketer receives income every time someone places an order using the affiliate links offered. To maximize affiliate business possibilities, businesspeople should focus on developing websites or blogs that regularly draw enough visitors daily.

Graphic Designing

Businesses of every kind require graphic aspects to develop their brand identity and attract clients. Freelance graphics designs require the use of desktop or laptop design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Canva.  

You can offer an extensive catalogue of services related to graphic design or specialize in specialty promotions, such as:

  • Logos and display advertisements.
  • Brochures
  • T-shirt designs
  • Flyers
  • Infographics
  • Instagram Graphics
  • PowerPoint Slide Designs

Bottom Line

The above 10 low-investment startup ideas hardly brush-up on the outer layer of starting a low-cost business. Other options include culinary lessons, fitness centres, boutiques, beauty parlours, custom gift shops, and recruitment services, to mention a few. Yoga lessons, nursery solutions, and carpooling are all profitable enterprises if they target the correct clientele.

Although recurring costs like advertising and management exist, getting started in many businesses is easily feasible. Achievement in these businesses is dependent on basic interpersonal and networking abilities.

Selecting the best low-investment startup ideas demands extensive research about the targeted business. If anyone is knowledgeable about their chosen project and needs finance, they can consider asking for a loan. 

The application process for loans at Refer Loan is straightforward. Therefore, ensure that the requirement for financing does not hamper your firm’s launch.



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